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RubixCube is a solution that fast tracks the ability to determine whether new or existing ventures or ideas are viable. It enables subject matter experts to break the process of building a new business into easily understandable building blocks.
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Key Features

  • Digitization of subject matter expert’s intellectual property and expose it to a community of potential users. We call this VDBC (Validated Digital Business Content). 

  • A wizard that guides a user through the VDBC in a step-by-step process, ensuring their idea is crafted into a viable business. 

  • Workflow engine that facilitates the collaboration and interaction between users, guides, and the customers they intend to serve. This ensures that all information that is captured is reviewed and validated. 

  • Reporting engine that presents the key business information in a digestible format. 

  • RubixCube is a collection of Canvasses. The Business Model Canvas showed us the power of simplification complexity via one-pagers. RubixCube provides an interactive, visual and interactable interface to engage with multiple canvases. 

  • Any collection of Canvases can be grouped into a RubixCube. 

  • The current collection of canvases focuses on Ideation. RubixCube a generic and adaptable platform. Although Ideation is the current focus, future RubixCubes will focus on Digital Transformation, Innovation etc. 

  • Ideation in Entrepreneurship is a structured process of transforming a Business Idea or Venture into a viable business concept. 

  • RubixCube digitized this structured approach and have included key disciplines like the Lean Startup Method, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Strategic Thinking and Customer Development. 

  • This structured approach then allows a user to take their Business Idea or Venture and transform it into a viable business. 

  • The platform allows for collaboration between Ventures and Coaches / Guides / Mentos that guide the Venture team as well as external customers that provide valuable feedback that will shape the business idea. 

  • A built-in workflow engine facilitates the work packages between the Venture and Coaches / Guides / Mentors 

  • At the end of the structured process, RubixCube produces an executive report that a Venture may present. These reports are typically presented as a pitch. Either internally to Line Managers or externally to Funders. 

  • Executive summaries are usually static documents. But not in RubixCube! Here the journey the Venture undertook to produce the executive summary is digitized and serve as validation and justification of the presented Executive Summary. 

  • The platform provides the ability to benchmark a new Venture’s business model against the library of business models.   

  • Unlike most digital canvas tools, RubixCube is very structured. This structure allows for very specific data to be generated. 

  • This data includes data about the: 

    • The process that guided the Venture 

    • Venture’s unique interaction 

    • Patterns that emerge from the interactions on the platform 

Key Benefits

Digitised journey:

This solution allows anyone with a new business idea to be guidedvia best practicetowards determining whether the new venture or ideas is viable. RubixCube produces an executive summary, that is backed by a digitised journey, that may be presented to a line manager, an executive committee or a funder. 

More than just a platform:

RubixCube is built around a platform business model where the constituents create and validate the content. It is a Channel where Business News is broadcasted! 


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