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Solution Overview

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovations are more important than ever. Managing the collection, selection and incubation of innovative ideas can be an administrative maze. This solution allows you to gather ideas from employees in configurable innovation rounds, interact & vote on those ideas and enrich them for incubation.

Key Features

  • The innovation team can schedule innovation rounds and configure a diverse range of settings;
  • Employees can submit ideas to these innovation rounds and can add other employees as team members;
  • Based on the innovation round’s setting, employees can vote and comment on submitted ideas;
  • The committee can select ideas to be incubated;
  • The committee can also decide that more enrichment of the idea is needed, and communicate this to the idea’s team;
  • Innovation rounds are automatically opened and closed, requiring no manual intervention;
  • A dashboard for both employees and the innovation team provides them with insight into innovation progress with the possibility to filter (e.g. per department);
  • Innovation rounds and their submitted ideas can be exported for reporting purposes;
  • User notifications are provided for changes in the innovation rounds and ideas.

Key Benefits

Collection of innovative ideas can be fully orchestrated in a digital portal, accessible to everyone. It eliminates the need for submission forms, approval documents and Excel-file overviews. Collection and consolidation of data is fully automated without the risk of manual errors.

Innovation rounds can be fully configured including a start date, end date, milestones and various other details. Rounds are automatically opened, closed and orchestrated. While a round is open participants are able to view the details, comment and vote on ideas.

Dashboards for the innovation team and employees provide insight in the current and historical innovation progress and reporting is only one click away.

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