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Board Management Solution

Solution by Theros

Solution Overview

Board Management Solution enables the process centralization for scheduling and management of executive committee meetings, notification of participants, registration and consulting of the agenda, registration of opinions and submission of documents.

Key Features

  • Increased management control over meetings and content
  • Improved communication between attendees
  • Greater control at critical times associated with the meeting
  • Provision of search listings
  • Process centralization
  • Reduction of effort and cost
  • Process and audit history register guarantee
Theros - Board Management Solution
Theros - Board Management Solution
Theros - Board Management Solution
Theros - Board Management Solution

Problem Solved and Key Benefits

The regulators and auditors for compliance in listed companies (OIG, ECB) define “reasonable oversight” for effectiveness of corporate compliance programs and recommend some of the “right questions” to ask the Compliance Officer. Board Management can take some time and coming to decisions may take too long, impacting execution and strategic goals achieved, or worst, implying penalties by regulators. This means accountability concerns must be raised and strong governance must be in place for the agendas of Board Meetings. Theros’s Board Management Solution is for boards, councils, management teams and committees of all sizes to create, manage, read and annotate meeting packs quickly and easily centralize the whole process while ensuring compliance.


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