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Unlock your organization's digital innovation. SolutionWise, part of Motion10, supports your digital innovation from start to finish. We are known for our multidisciplinary and technology-transcending approach which enables us to build and deliver great OutSystems applications. This enables organizations and their employees to excel in a constantly changing world. Our OutSystems experts work closely with our specialists in the field of data, integration, architecture, User-Centered Design and Change Management. Together, we maximize the return on your OutSystems-investment.


Projects Delivered

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  • Torque Wrench Check Application
    Torque Wrench Check Application
    • Other use cases
    • Manufacturing
    3 Developers 1 Months Mobile Application 2021

    To automate the calibration and administration of torque wrenches, a tablet application has been created. An interactive 5-step wizard was developed to give the calibrator clear instructions and to record diagnostics about the tools. The calibrator can enter calibration values and pictures if something is wrong with the torque wrenches.

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    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 2 Weeks Mobile Application 2020

    Main goal was to create insights on the number of coils that worked properly/defectively. The functionalities provided were automating the employee roster based on day and time, registering unique codes to run a flushing line, creating an overview to intervene in the event of errors and demonstrate how often coil is good/defective. No paperwork is needed.

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    DeelStandenSysteem (DSS)
    • Financial Services
    • Customer Service
    4 Developers 10 Months Web Application 2020

    Developed for a pension fund to record so-called partial positions. In order to avoid the need for continuous recalculation of the pension balance, partial positions are recorded in this app, allowing pension participants to know their balance faster, but also ensuring that fewer calculations and less maintenance is required for the calculation engine.

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    Gemoedsbezwaarden (GMB)
    • Financial Services
    • Other use cases
    4 Developers 8 Months Web Application 2020

    For a pension fund, an application has been developed to support people who object to building up a pension. In this app a large part of administration is automated. Think of requesting the pension balance and calculating annual statements. This saves the department so much time. By automating a relatively small process, large savings are achieved.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Content Management System
    Content Management System
    • Content & Marketing
    • Advertising, Media, Publishing
    The marketing CMS is an application that helps Marketing Departments manage their content on all available domains. Starting from an Excel file, this OutSystems Application transforms it into an CMS with additional functionalities like automated retrieval of Google Analytics data, Automated checking for broken links and many more…
  • Find Your WorkPlace App
    Find Your WorkPlace App
    • Human Resources
    • Other Industries
    With the Find Your WorkPlace App you can accelerate and optimize the process of employees returning to work within the applicable guidelines of both the government and the organization itself during COVID-19.

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