BK Planet

Training Partner Since Decmber 2022
South Korea


BK Planet has been leading the development of enterprise applications as a pioneer in the low-code platform market in Korea since 2018 while successfully developing their business backbone. Also, BK Planet is actively participating in developer education for companies that want to learn how to develop OutSystems.

BK Planet provides the low-code platform, the core of the next-generation platform field, to companies more quickly and appropriately, correcting the high-cost IT investment structure that is holding back corporate competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment. We deliver customers with an advanced system and are constantly striving for value innovation.

“BK Planet is taking the lead in solving companies' digital transformation challenges by providing the advantages of low-code speed and efficiency and the synergy of OutSystems' high-performance and stability through experience in building enterprise applications in various industries. In addition, by preparing the OutSystems training center, we are contributing to the expansion of the low-code platform market and developers in Korea.“

Yongho Lee (Yani)

Executive Director & Training Center Leader at BK Planet

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