Knower Tech

Training Partner Since 2022


Knower Tech provides a specialized IT Outsourcing service. We are oriented to the needs of each company, regardless of size or area of operation. We guarantee up-to-date technical knowledge aligned with the objectives of each business. We are confident that, in order to provide the best results, constant training is essential to the success of any professional. It is in this context that we train and specialize professionals to keep up with the evolution and demands of the market.

Knower Tech Training Offer

"Knower Tech was born through the growing need to respond to the most varied requests from customers in this area of activity, as well as in an increasingly technological world and aims to make the match between qualified professionals and the market, organizing the entire offer of outsourcing services of the group, both in the corporate segment, as well as private. We provide a specialized service-oriented to the market needs, where transparency is our golden word, added to our dedication, in response to the complexity of today's world in permanent transformation. To boost the number of candidates available for open offers in this area, Knower™ has created the Knower Tech Academy which aims to train professionals who want to embark on technological careers in the most diverse areas of activity within the sector."

Carla Reis

Business Manager, Knower Tech

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