Training Partner Since 2021


As an OutSystems Training Partner, SolutionWise offers the opportunity to build the right competencies internally to accelerate the adoption and success of the OutSystems platform within organizations.

SolutionWise mentors your people and teams at different levels of competence, in various roles and development paths.

In addition to the official OutSystems training program, they have developed a number of complementary and in-depth workshops. SolutionWise always offers a tailor-made training program, so that it optimally meets your needs and wishes.

“SolutionWise has several certified trainers for answering all the questions and challenges you might experience when following an OutSystems course. In order to best meet your wishes and needs, we choose for a personal tailor-made approach and provide additional information on topics that have received less attention during the guided paths. In addition, we offer more in-depth workshops to provide more insight in the possibilities of the OutSystems platform.”

Peter Vermeulen

SolutionWise’s Technology Manager

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