Sys Manager

Training Partner Since 2022


Sys Manager is a Brazilian IT Consulting and Software Development company.

Our mission is to work in partnership with our customers in order to optimize results and accelerate digital transformation journeys - by providing exceptional IT services.

We use Agile methods in product development and management, customized application delivery, automation of processes and services, systems integration, and data analysis to deliver business intelligence (BI) and improve decision-making.

Serving large Brazilian and multinational corporations for more than 25 years, our focus is on offering technical consulting and allocation of highly qualified professionals (bodyshop).

We are also focusing on expanding our operations (both technical and commercial) in the Americas and Europe.

Sys Manager News

Sys Manager delivered OutSystems training to Energisa

Last year was full of major accomplishments for Sys Manager. One of those was the customized training sessions in OutSystems for the software developers at Energisa, one of the largest energy-distribution groups in Brazil and Latin America. The subjects involving continuous evolution are fundamental for all organizations that are seeking excellence and improved results.

Second edition of free OutSystems workshop

The Second Workshop with OutSystems was our 100% free and open to the public initiative - with the main objective to fully train and subsequently hire OutSystems developers for our technical team. These new hires are now developing innovative and complex software projects on the number 1 low-code platform in the world!

“Being a part of this select and elite group, OutSystems Training Partners, has provided us with a unique opportunity to, in addition to offering specialized training, expand our internal capacity and deepen our expertise in and knowledge of the platform. We have invested heavily in the low-code / OutSystems technology, as well as in our professionals providing development services; therefore making it easier for our clients and partners to advance their businesses in an innovative and competitive manner. We at Sys Manager understand that Training and Development is a fundamental part in helping organizations of all sizes to achieve their strategic and tactical objectives. ”

Germano Fortuna

CEO, Sys Manager Informática

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