Training Partner Since 2018
Philippines • Indonesia • Thailand • Hongkong • India • Malaysia • China • Taiwan • Australia


Transnational E-Business Solutions, Inc. (TESI) is a technology company that drives business innovation. TESI’s continued progress embodies its passion to serve its clients by offering not just the right, but the best IT solutions that suit their needs, including OutSystems training services.

TESI is the exclusive OutSystems Global Training Partner in the Philippines. One of their missions is to empower software developers by equipping them with the skills and knowledge on OutSystems traditional web development.

With 23 certified professionals in service delivery and 15 years in the software development industry, TESI has provided 13 industry segments with technology services and developed over 60 OutSystems web and mobile apps deployed locally and globally.

“Being a Training Partner plays a vital role not just in upscaling the skills and knowledge of our OutSystems customers but, more importantly, ensuring that we deliver the real value of the platform. It gives us an opportunity to be a true advocate of digital transformation that leads organizations to remain competitive and relevant in the ever-changing business landscape. Building the right solutions and accelerating its implementation won't be possible without having the right training in place.”

Elaine Manio

Deputy General Manager at TESI

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