The Enterprise Mobile App Store of the Future

All your enterprise apps available on your users’ devices, in one go.

OutSystems Now is a native iOS/Android app that makes all your enterprise mobile and web apps available to your users, without having to install and manage each application separately.

Unlike traditional enterprise app stores where users must download, install and manage separate apps on their devices, OutSystems Now is a single point of access for all your corporate apps - no need to install anything besides OutSystems Now.

Install one app, access all others

With OutSystems Now your users can easily reach all your OutSystems applications from a single point of access - no need to install multiple mobile apps or memorize or bookmark different URLs for web apps.

Install one app, access all others

Single sign on with increased security

With OutSystems Now, your users will only need to login once, and immediately use all available apps with the right access levels.

You can define which apps are available for which users, and any changes will become immediately available in all apps available through OutSystems Now.

Single sign on with increased security

Make all your enterprise apps hybrid, without having to write any native code

With OutSystems Now you can use the device's native features to enhance your mobile experience.

Sensors like the GPS, barcode reader or camera can greatly reduce the need for input while improving the overall user experience. The file system and native app integration allow your apps to use the local storage and functionality from other apps.

Using OutSystems you’ll be able to quickly create applications that make use of native functionality without having to write native applications!

Learn more about hybrid functionality

Make all your enterprise apps hybrid, without having to write any native code

Simplified app delivery and management

When a new app is released or a new version becomes available, you won’t need to go through any Apple Store or Google Play approval process.

Simply release your new app or version and all your users will have immediate access to it, without having to install or update anything! This speeds up delivery of new functionality and ensures that your users are always accessing the latest app functionality.

Even better, if you find a bug that puts your data or users at risk, you'll be able to immediately correct it and deploy a new version of the app without having to wait weeks for app store approvals.

Simplified App Delivery and Management

Fully customizable to your own brand

We are distributing the OutSystems Now source code through GitHub so that you can easily build your own custom version of the applications.

The OutSystems Now source code allows you to build your own version of the application without starting from scratch. Customizing the source code allows you to do many great things such as:

  • Name your application after your own brand.
  • Add your logo, splash screens and colors. You can change the application appearance accordingly to your own corporate branding guide.
  • Because you now own your application, you can use Push Message services to reach all your users. You can use third party services that allow you to send push notifications avoiding all inherent complexity.

More information in our labs page

Fully Customizable to your own brand

Try it now!

This sample application is available for iOS, Android and Windows.
Simply download the OutSystems Now app and try it... now!

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