Dramatically Reduce Integration Time and Effort

For many app dev teams, data integration is a big challenge.
Learn how you can speed development of the most complex integrations.


Integrating OutSystems with Your Ecosystem

Learn how Outsystems provides seamless integration with the full range and scope of business process management tools, data sources, and core business systems.
Not only does OutSystems speed up the app development process with its built-in tools, but it can also be supplemented by integrating the same third-party tools your enterprise has relied on for years.

See how the OutSystems platform enables you to accelerate the development of the most complex integrations.


Learn more about the importance of data integration and how OutSystems can help

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Simplifying App and Data Integration with a Modern Application Platform

Applications are just empty shells without data integration. Yet, the general consensus is that data integration is a big challenge. Integrating data with legacy systems and applications/lacking APIs was a top challenge in our 2020 survey of IT professionals. In Cleo’s 2020 survey, 75% of IT decision-makers across industries stated that they are feeling greater urgency to adopt newer, simpler integration alternatives. A modern data application can help. In this session, you’ll discover the difference a connection wizard and a machine learning component can make to your integration challenges.

Join OutSystems to learn how to:

  • Use an integration wizard to create connectors to data sources in just a few clicks.
  • How to drag and drop pre-built components into your logic and workflows and configure them for connectivity to enterprise software, SaaS, databases, public web services, and more.
  • Consume and expose REST APIs and SOAP web services visually and rapidly.
  • Use a special tool to build and integrate machine learning models into your applications.

You’ll also see a demo of some of our latest and greatest integration features.

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