OutSystems® Platform and Oracle Fusion

Bringing unprecedented productivity and control to application delivery on top of your Oracle Fusion middleware.

Oracle Fusion is an extremely powerful platform that allows enterprises to create a wide range of modern business applications. But the price for such power is complexity.

OutSystems® Platform will dramatically simplify the delivery of enterprise applications on top of Fusion, allowing your IT department to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

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Oracle Fusion and OutSystems Platform
Fast Development

Build Fast

Business units are pushing IT to deliver a growing number of business applications, as fast as possible. However, traditional application development cycles still take months! 

OutSystems Platform changes the game:

  • Deliver new business applications 10.9x faster and reduce your application backlog with the resources you already have;
  • Use a powerful and flexible visual IDE to model all layers of web and mobile application (user interfaces, business logic, databases, web services, scheduled jobs, security, emails and business processes);
  • Deploy your applications automatically with 1-click to your existing Oracle infrastructure.
  • New developers can learn OutSystems Platform in a couple of days and be ready to deliver their first enterprise applications in a matter of weeks.

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Change Easily.

Java developers tend to create their own frameworks and dialects to increase productivity... but this compromises your ability to change! OutSystems Platform solves these issues by providing the right level of abstraction:

Change Easily - TrueChange

  • Visual modeling simplifies knowledge transfer and change management, reducing maintenance costs;
  • The platform's TrueChange™ engine isolates the impact a change has on all application layers, heals the sections that can be automatically corrected, and warns you of additional corrections needed.

As a result, change is simplified, and its cost remains flat during the whole application life-cycle.

Full Portfolio Control

Full Portfolio Control.

Oracle Fusion installations typically host a large number of enterprise applications, with complex relations and dependencies between them.

With OutSystems Platform you'll take advantage of Oracle Fusion's enterprise architecture while simplifying portfolio management.

  • All application versions are stored centrally so you can access or redeploy older versions with 1-click;
  • The deployment of applications across environments is fully automated, from development to production; 
  • All applications are automatically instrumented to collect monitoring and performance data.

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Move to Production. Simple, Fast, Safe.

Agile is the best way for IT and the business to be aligned, and it’s a great stepping stone to change the business’s perception of IT, from a cost center to a strategic partner.

But one of the tenants of Agile is the ability to deliver working applications in short cycles, typically every couple of weeks. This constant need to push things to production can quickly become a hurdle for developers and a major cause of friction between developers and operations.

OutSystems Platform's application life-cycle capabilities simplify your DevOps processes, reducing the complexity and risk of application staging between environments.

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DevOps Simplified

Mobile Support

The best way to deliver mobile apps on top of your Oracle Fusion environment is to embrace standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

Fortunately, you don't need to learn new technology and bring in new tools: OutSystems Platform has all the functionality you need to quickly extend your existing web applications with mobile interfaces that work well on all devicesMobile Support

Highly Usable Apps

Usability has grown in importance in the past years to a point where it can make or break your IT investment on new apps.

OutSystems Platform allows you to define standard style guides, specifically created for high usability. It also provides a level of abstraction so that you can focus on delivering usable apps without having to worry with low level technical details.  

Highly usable apps

Enterprise Scale

OutSystems Platform lets you focus on the needs of the business and takes care of making sure your applications are fast, scalable, secure, and ready to roll.

All applications built with OutSystems Platform take full advantage of Oracle’s high performance middleware and database machines, and scale horizontally without needing further development.

Enterprise Scale - Exadata Ready

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