More Apps and Connectors to Get You Started

We’ve created and maintain several pre-built apps available to help you kick-start your projects. In addition, we’ve refactored the architecture of our previously published template apps in order to make it easier for you to add your own features or integrate with your existing systems.

Mobile customer portal app

This is an example of a mobile customer portal customized for an energy company. This consumer-facing app allows customers to connect with their energy supplier using mobile devices.

This type of app greatly improves the quality of service delivery and customer engagement by providing customers a cheaper, faster and more efficient way to interact with the company. In return the company will get more engaged customers, reduce costs of physical channels and optimize the service delivery, marketing and customer care.

Mobile Customer Portal

Mobile Inspections app

Mobile inspections app

This pre-built app enables inspectors to collect data, make evaluations, and return findings to a central repository for storage, further action and analytics. Inspectors can instantly log their reports, which eliminates mountains of paperwork and makes information available in real-time.

By using geolocation data, inspectors and managers can fully understand the locations that they are visiting. In addition, auditors can view job lists on their mobile device even when offline, allowing them to perform inspections in areas with no or limited network connectivity.

Employee onboarding app

The ultimate goal of this app is to offer a flawless first day to new-hires. This pre-built app simplifies the employee onboarding and offboarding which can be a real problem of many organizations from a variety of different industries.

Employee onboarding is a very complex process that requires a lot of manual work and is often paper, email and spreadsheet based. On the IT side, provisioning user services and security roles is often a time-consuming and error prone set of activities that are hard to automate due to the diversity of people and systems that need to be involved.

Employee Onboarding App

Employee Directory app

Employee directory app

We completely rebuilt the Employee Directory App in order to make it extremely easy to use and offer an amazing user experience across all devices. Finding employees, browsing by department and orgchart is extremely simple. When on the road without network access, all your employees contacts information are available offline.

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