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Enterprise IT is increasingly leaning toward composable apps, disconnecting front-end from backend, and embracing a loosely coupled architecture to support business agility. To empower those trends, OutSystems applies the comprehensive visual modeling capabilities of the Platform to the rapid creation of backend microservices for standards-based (REST and SOAP) consumption both inside and outside the Platform.

Exposing REST APIs

REST APIs in particular, for its simplicity, lightweight payload and flexibility have become the de facto standard for building web APIs. Platform 9 Amsterdam brings an entire new way to visually model and manage REST APIs.

Define your REST API using OutSystems visual language, do one-click-publish and you get a simple, fast and secure JSON-based REST API.

Obviating the need for narrowly focused mobile backend platforms, OutSystems is applying the comprehensive visual modeling capabilities of the Platform (business process, visual logic, data manipulation, etc) to the rapid creation of rich backend services - to be used by a native mobile app - or even public facing web APIs that bring your technology partners closer to your business.

Integrate with Everything- Expose web services

Integrate Everything - Secure by Default

Secured by default

Exposing sensitive enterprise data requires security and authentication mechanisms. REST APIs in Platform 9 Amsterdam are by default secured using SSL/TLS (HTTPs) and authenticated using the HTTP Basic Authentication standard.

Need to have another authentication mechanism? No problem, just choose to have a custom authentication, and implement your action flow to access request headers and check authentication. 

Learn about securing REST APIs

Automatically documented

Since REST APIs don’t have a standard definition language, they rely on documentation to explain what data or logic the REST API exposes.

Keeping this documentation up to date with a fast changing REST API is always time consuming and error prone. To address this, OutSystems Platform generates documentation automatically for all your Exposed REST APIs, making this process effortless and error free!

Learn more about the automatic REST documentation

Integrate Everything - Automatically Documented

Integrate with  Everything - Monitored through the lifecycle

Monitored throughout the lifecycle

Once you have your API exposed, you’ll need to make sure it is operating properly and its performance is up to par with commitments you’ve made to your consumers.

OutSystems Platform automatically instruments all exposed REST APIs and captures both errors and performance metrics, made available in easy to digest reports.

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