Enterprise Grade

OutSystems Platform offers a fully integrated approach to development, quality assurance, deployment and management - the entire application lifecycle - which enables it to support high-scale enterprise app development. OutSystems Platform users can create robust architectures that support their core businesses and applications that scale to millions of users. It works on top of your preferred middleware stack and scales from small applications to large enterprise installations with hundreds of thousands of users. OutSystems Platform 9 Bali has been enhanced with Java 8 support, support for large calculations and a strong cryptographic algorithm so that we continually provide what our customers need for their enterprise apps as technology advances.

Java 8

As part of our goal to continuously keep OutSystems Platform up to date in the technology landscape, OutSystems Platform 9 Bali now offers full support for Java 8, which is the latest installment of Java.

This update also brings support for the latest Java Application Servers that support Java 8. They are JBoss EAP 6.4+, WildFly 8.2, and Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3.

Enterprise Grade

Java 8 for Operations

OutSystems Platform 9 Bali takes advantage of all the improvements introduced by Oracle, such as the introduction of MetaSpace to store class metadata. Now, your operations teams have an easy-to-operate platform that scales resource allocation seamlessly to adapt to each system’s specifications.

No Need to Rebuild Your Application Portfolio

OutSystems Platform 9 Bali can handle the complete generation of code to Java 8, including weaving in code optimizations that Java 8 brings. No need to rebuild the entire application portfolio for the new stack. The effort required to migrate these applications will rely mainly on the integration/extension points.

Java 8 for Developers

For developers, the support for  Java 8 in OutSystems Platform 9 Bali means that they are now able to implement extensions that make excellent use of Java 8 features, such as security enhancement. And any existing Java 8 and 7 code you might already have in house can be integrated.

And, as always, because applications built with OutSystems Platform are defined in the model, all applications are upgraded automatically, something that would be impossible if you were hand-coding applications.

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Very Large Number Calculations Support

More and more of our customers are using OutSystems Platform to implement enterprise processes where very large numbers are required, such as for queries in the accounting and cost accounting areas or to support enterprise grade applications with more than 2 billion records. For that reason, OutSystems Platform 9 Bali introduces a new data type: Long Integer.

Long Integer supports records in the quintillions, and it also eases the integrations with external systems that function with large identifiers, such as Java or .NET Extensions, external database tables, REST API's and SOAP web services, and Excel files.

And Long Integer is not just a new identifier data type, but it is also the new default identifier data type. If an entity grows more than expected at the beginning of the development, by defaulting identifiers as Long Integers, IT teams will avoid having to do complicated and risky data migrations—with downtime afterwards.

Learn more about the Long Integer

How to upgrade an Entity’s attribute to Long Integer

Large Number of Calculations

Strong Cryptographic Algorithm for Password Storage

Applications built with OutSystems Platform include a number of vulnerability prevention measures in the application code itself.

For example, there are many common threats, such as SQL injection, that exploit vulnerabilities in the way programs are written.

OutSystems Platform generates standard .NET and Java code in a way that explicitly prevents these types of threat.

However, because our customers in highly-regulated markets such as government, finance and healthcare demand the highest level of validated encryption, OutSystems Platform 9 Bali is now providing password storage that uses a strong cryptographic algorithm recommended by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This NIST-recommended strong cryptographic algorithm is many times a requirement of security standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

What Passwords Apply?

The adoption of this NIST-recommended algorithm applies to passwords of application end-users, management-console users (LifeTime), as well as OutSystems Platform confidential settings, such as database credentials and email server passwords. It enables customers who need their applications to operate under these standards to pursue these certifications for their on-premises, or private cloud, deployments of the Platform.

The Best Part Is…

To take advantage of this improvement, you don’t need to manually change your applications. With the upgrade OutSystems Platform 9 Bali, the encryption of confidential settings is automatically upgraded to the new security schema. Users’ password hashes are then automatically upgraded when each user logins for the first time after the Platform upgrade. All customers will benefit from the same security level that our most heavily-regulated customers need to comply with.

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