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*Option to upgrade to 99.95%

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Frequently asked questions

OutSystems subscriptions are priced according to:

  • The scale and complexity of the apps you build. Measured in Application Objects (AOs), which is the sum of the screens, database tables, and API methods across your apps. A typical medium-sized app is about 150 AOs.
  • The number of non-anonymous end users who use your apps. Internal (i.e., employees) and external end users are counted separately.
  • The need for additional capabilities. There are options for additional runtime environments, around-the-clock (24x7) support, upgrades to achieve a 99.95% uptime, add-ons for high compliance and security, mobile app shielding, and more.

A runtime is the location where your apps run and where their data are hosted. OutSystems enables customers to operate separate, isolated runtime stages so that you can have one runtime where your developers run and debug their apps, a non-production runtime where apps are tested, and a production environment for delivering apps to your end users. Each runtime can have a different version of an app and different data.

No. OutSystems offers an integrated development environment plus sophisticated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools for your developers, included with any subscription at no extra cost.

Yes, this option is available in certain plans for customers who desire an on-premises installation of the OutSystems solution in a fully self-hosted environment.

There are numerous advantages with OutSystems Cloud. You get the tools for building apps plus the hosting of your apps. This can offer significant direct cost savings and labor savings compared to self-hosting. OutSystems handles software updates and security patches, performance monitoring, security monitoring, front-line support, and many other aspects so that you can focus on building great apps that delight your end users.

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