Alexandra (Brower) Bowen

Social Media Manager at OutSystems
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
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I am currently the Global Head of Social Media and Community Marketing for OutSystems. I help elevate brands and movements through thought leadership and creative initiatives. I am a published, community, and social media expert. I have managed big brand social media accounts such as Applebees (600k+ followers), online technical support forums with over 500,000 members, as well as have led, and have spoken at, international industry events. My work values align as a Radical pragmatist: ambitious, aggressive, and rooted in ideals, but also imminently practical and guided by the possible. (Excerpt From: Ryan Holiday, “The Obstacle Is the Way”) I am a self-proclaimed digital anthropologist as I am fascinated with the relationship dynamics and transformation between humans, society and digital-era technology. It's also a handy excuse when I am browsing social media for too long, I usually state it as "research". I believe that good design can, and will save the world. I am an architect of digital, and offline, community experiences. As a community manager and techie - I look for ways to craft a better internet - and experience - for all. I have a passion for keeping the internet a safe and inclusive space for everyone to live, work and play. The internet is a shared public resource, a place to share skills, knowledge, experience, conversation, and interest. It should be treated the same as other public resources we share IRL, such as a public park. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Design and City Planning. I approach problems/opportunities with a design and systems thinking strategy. For fun, I look for ways to combine my knowledge (and degree) in City Planning (community development) and my experience in the tech industry to work on projects for smart and sustainable cities. My website is and you can follow me on Twitter @AlexandraABowen.
OutSystems Mascot
I helped to design and launch the OutSystems Community Mascot, as well as manage the process. From ideation to execution.
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Created a LinkedIn University group for developers who become certified to show off their skills and create a community around them. Join your peers today!
Professional Experience
Global Head of Social Media and Community Marketing
I build successful global campaigns - with strong collaboration between sales, community, engineering, product and marketing teams - both virtual and direct. Providing thought leadership and brand storytelling within niche markets.
2017 - present