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After 5 years working in the Defense & Security domain, where I had the opportunity to work as a Developer and as Sales Manager, I have decided to embrace "Digital Transformation". I knew I wanted to explore a Low Code Platform, and after analyzing several solutions, I concluded that OutSystems was the best choice. This platform allows teams to deliver great applications at an incredible speed. Before moving to OutSystems Pre Sales, I decided to invest 2 years of my career learning how to develop OutSystems. I worked as a developer for a USA customer and directly for OutSystems Digital Department. Today, I am responsible to demonstrate OutSystems capabilities to companies around the world, and create innovative solutions for ROFF customers. In ROFF, I have also had the opportunity to define Low Code Factory organization, methodology and offer. 
ROFF Quest - Mobile APP
A mobile trivia game, where players have to help ROFFian — NEO's new best friend — finding a planet that he may call home.
Digital Workplace - Employee performance evaluation
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