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I'm currently working as the Customer Service Manager for OutSystems, trying to ensure that we correctly guide our customers so that they can deliver the maximum value - faster - to their business. My primary responsibilities leading a department that serves as the front-line assistance for our customers are to: - Have the team running efficiently and profitably, to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention - Develop and improve service and operational processes, performance, productivity and guarantee best practices - Oversee quality assurance to ensure best-practices - Keep ahead of industry’s developments and apply (new) best practices to areas of improvement - Recruit, mentor and develop customer service representative agents while keeping the OutSystems Culture - Break organization internal "silos," ensuring that communication between departments is ongoing and utilized to maintain an environment of continuous improvement. --- Along with my role at OutSystems, I'm also the coordinator of Sporting Clube de Portugal volunteers team, defining responsibilities and leading about 80 people on home matches for the soccer team.
Professional Experience
Customer Service Manager
• January 2018 - Present :: Customer Service Manager
• July 2016 - December 2017 :: Customer Service Team Leader
The Customer Service Team has the ultimate goal of delivering a world class customer service experience across all (corporate) interaction channels. Engaging with different areas of the company that deliver customer service, setting up interaction channels, building a top-notch customer experience, choosing and adapting the best customer enablement tools to deliver a seamless experience to our customers are part of this role.

• December 2014 - June 2016:: Customer Success Manager
Responsible for assisting and helping newcomers to OutSystems Platform, while pursuing and identifying potential sales opportunities. Key player connecting OutSystems internal teams, making the information flow and ensuring that our customers have the appropriate assistance while evaluating and giving the first steps with our product.

• June 2013 - December 2014 :: Engineering Services Specialist
Engineering Services is the key technical resource pool for the company acting as experts on all technical aspects of deploying and operating the OutSystems Platform in very large and complex environments. These environments range from large cloud installations, virtualised datacenter systems, peta-sized databases, to web applications deployed across the Globe and mission critical systems.
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