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Experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Strong professional skilled in Outsystems.
Risk Management System
Implementation of a Risk Management System to obtain certification of compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007
Developed Modules:
- Forms Generator Manager - web application that enables the creation of dynamic forms. Includes email notification, organization by categories, tree view visualization, filling and sent statistics.
- Appointment Book Manager - web application for resource management and scheduling.
Professional Experience
Software Engineer
2018 - present
Aubay Portugal
Information Systems Consultant
2017 - 2018
Other Accomplishments (awards won, events hosted or articles written)
The present paper introduces an algorithm, based on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), to solve a vehicle routing problem with time windows. Given a set of geographically dispersed locations, their time windows and elements to be collected, the algorithm finds a route so that all elements are collected and the time windows mentioned are respected while minimizing the travel time.
Many real-world problems, due to the high number of data processing and/or complexity of the problem itself, makes data processing very long and in extreme cases impossible. The combinatorial optimization falls into this category of problems. One way to solve these problems is using Swarm Intelligence. Swarm intelligence describes the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems.