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Hanno Coetzee is a polyglot programmer with experience that covers a wide range of technologies and industries such as retail, financial services, and medical practices. His passion is to enable businesses by aiding in solving their technical (and other) challenges, improving and automating business processes. Hanno is quite capable at leading a team of developers, guiding them on the path of least resistance to achieve the set out goals and deadlines. Interfacing with clients during requirements gathering and feedback sessions comes naturally to Hanno. He is not afraid to voice his opinion and will accept that his idea might not be the most ideal if so proven.

As the owner of his own development company, Hanno not only writes code, but has all the responsibilities of an entrepreneur and business owner. He is responsible for accounting functions, tax compliance, liasing with CEOs, CIOs, and directors of the companies he provides services to.

Hanno's programming career started in high school where he learned to program. During his bachelors of engineering studies at the University of Pretoria, he further honed his skills as a programmer an critical thinker, hereby gaining an uncanny ability to troubleshoot and identify areas of concern, and provide suitable solutions for these. No challenge is too big for Hanno. His motto is that "Anything is doable. It might just cost a little more and take a little longer, but we WILL find a solution."

When Hanno is not working, he can be found outdoors spending time with his wife and kids, learning new things in nature or having a gentle walk through the suburbs. He also enjoys DIY challenges and can often times be found fixing things in and around the family home. A good book and blogs about new developments in technology will keep Hanno occupied in his personal time.

Debt collection project for the South African market.
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