Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform: A Gartner® Report

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As per Gartner, “Modernization of complex, aging application portfolios tends to focus on the oldest platforms rather than on the most valuable business capabilities. Most don’t have a complete inventory of all application assets for the organization, making it impossible for them to manage this aging estate that is loaded with technical debt.

According to Gartner, “by 2025, technical debt will continue to compound on top of existing technical debt consuming more than 40% of the current IT budget".

In this Gartner research, application leaders will discover how to adopt a business-focused, multiplatform modernization strategy to maximize value. 

Download this research and learn how to: 

  • Modernize valuable business capabilities through an end-to-end product life cycle
  • Avoid focusing modernization efforts on a single application, platform, or technology
  • Perform a targeted but deep assessment of the applications, components, services, data, and APIs that comprise these valuable business capabilities
  • Set modernization priorities to align with and support the digital business strategy

*Gartner, Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform, Thomas Klinect, Stefan Van Der Zijden, Refreshed 11 December 2020, Published 15 August 2019
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