The Characteristics of Your Future Technology Capabilities

Rapid, Successive, and at Scale
A joint OutSystems/Deloitte Perspective

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Disruption -- whether big (COVID-19) or small (new start-up competitors) -- has more or less become commonplace in any industry. Organizations now need to be in a continuous state of “digital flux” that will allow them to respond, cope and thrive.

Organizations that seamlessly adapt, master a set of “Business of Technology” capabilities that make optimal use of nine shifts that enable them to digitally future proof their entire company and deliver business-relevant technologies rapidly, successively and at scale.

Based on 13 years of joint Deloitte/OutSystems collaboration experience, this document evaluates the lessons learned, taking Deloitte’s nine shifts research publication as the starting point. Learn how the OutSystems Application Platform supports and enhances the nine shifts that will determine your future Business of Technology landscape.