Low-Code and No-Code: Automation for the Modern Organization

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OutSystems is excited to be a part of DZone’s 2022 Low-Code and No-Code Trend Report! Explore migrating legacy applications to low-code, no-code and low-code testing, the challenges of securing no-code and low-code environments, and much more!

As the adoption of no-code and low-code development solutions continues to grow, there comes many questions of its benefits, flexibility, and overall organizational role. Through the myriad of questions, there is one main theme in the benefit of its use: leveraging no-code and low-code practices for automation and speed to release.

But what are the pain points that these solutions seek to address? What are the expected vs. realized benefits of adopting a no-code or low-code solution? What are the current gaps that these solutions leave in development practices?

This Trend Report provides expert perspectives to answer these questions. We present a historical perspective on no-code and low-code, offer advice on how to migrate legacy applications to low-code, dive into the challenges of securing no- and low-code environments, share insights into no- and low-code testing, discuss how low-code is playing a major role in the democratization of software development, and more.