A Guide to Addressing Technical Debt - An OutSystems Playbook

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As the market demands more and faster innovation, applications and solutions are often built quickly but not necessarily right. Prioritizing speed of delivery comes at the cost of technical debt - that is, the time and resources spent reworking a solution later on due to shortcuts taken today. The good news? Technical debt can be managed.

In this playbook, we’ll look at ways in which the OutSystems development platform can both reduce technical debt during the development process and make it easier to “pay back” debt later on.

In this playbook, you will learn about:

  • Methods for increasing development speed while preventing errors and technical debt
  • How an AI service automates manual processes and makes application changes easy and efficient
  • A revolutionary tool that provides a visual overview of technical debt across your entire app portfolio
  • How to make your code easy to understand for future developers