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Accelerate Into the Future at NextStep 2021

NextStep is the event for IT leaders who want to accelerate the digital transformation of their organization. Discover what you can expect from this year's conference right here.


Implementing Software without Implementation Debt

Cutting corners during development creates technical implementation debt. In this blog post, Keith Murphy, OutSystems Solutions Architect, discusses how technical debt can be avoided during software implementation.

3 Critical Aspects for a Successful Digital Customer Experience in 2021

How does a successful digital customer experience look like in 2021? Where should organizations invest to ensure the greatest impact and the fastest ROI? Find out in this article.

Dev Zone

A Sleek Application Architecture for Life, the Universe, and Everything

Beautiful application architecture can have considerable benefits for an organization. However, architecture debt, often referred to as design debt, can also be the leading cause of technical debt. In this blog post, Mike Josephson, Lead Solution Architect, provide insights into how OutSystems approaches application design, provides rules to ensure a sleek architecture, and makes available tools that simplify the overall architecture management.

Designing Netflix Studios’ Pipeline: A Conversation with UI Engineer Chris Dhanaraj

In the latest episode of the Decoded podcast, Sydney Lai talked to Chris Dhanaraj of Netflix Studios about building apps that keep Hollywood productions humming. Check it out right hear.