Choosing the region for an OutSystems Cloud deployment

The choice of AWS Region is especially important in the following scenarios:

  • On-premises integration performance: Reduced distance and latency is important when organizations are integrating applications with legacy services or applications hosted in their own data centers and if they plan to engage in long-term hybrid or on-premises to cloud scenarios.
  • Collocation with external cloud applications and services: In scenarios where organizations are already using AWS cloud services, the advantages of deploying OutSystems in the same region include decreasing communication latency and reducing data transfer costs for other AWS infrastructures.
  • Application performance for end users: Organizations can provision resources closer to their end users, so they have a better experience when running their applications, especially when they are concentrated in a single location.

In global organizations, the application of these criteria may not be obvious, when both application users and internal information systems are scattered around the globe.

Rather than choosing only one region, global organizations can choose a different region for each pipeline.

Pipelines in different regions have independent databases and URLs for each environment. With pipelines in different regions, organizations can also choose which applications and versions to deploy in each region, and when.

A list of the AWS Regions supported in the OutSystems Cloud is available in the OutSystems Cloud Architecture section.