Does OutSystems have a certification program?

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The OutSystems Certification program was built to foster an ecosystem of skilled professionals to deliver high-end quality solutions. We certify professionals in knowledge and real-world project experience. This program consists of Certification and Specialization exams, ranging from different types of roles needed to have a successful OutSystems foundation team.


OutSystems has a set of certification exams to certify individuals and teams as OutSystems professionals for different proficiency and experience levels, roles, and development tracks.

The price of the certification exams is $200 US.


Specializations are shorter exams focused on a specific topic or area. A Specialization can work as the final outcome for a role, or experience level, or as a path to get a new certification.

A professional can get a new Certification by passing a specific set of specialization exams, which are more focused and fitted to their role.

The price of the specialization exams is $100 US.

Learn more about the OutSystems Certifications and Specializations

Learn more and prepare

For more information about the certification program, go to our Certification Page, where for each exam we share the exam detail sheet along with Sample Exam for practice.

Want to find out more details about the OutSystems Certification program?

Check out our Training and Certifications Playbook where you’ll find all these details and much more. Created for developers, team leaders, business managers, and anyone else planning to certify and train individual professionals or full teams, this playbook will show you all the possible paths to experience OutSystems to its full potential.

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