How does OutSystems provide vertical scalability?

Table of contents

  1. Vertical scalability on premises
  2. Vertical scalability in the OutSystems Cloud

On-premises and cloud installations of OutSystems enable organizations to scale the computing power of front-ends and databases to:  

  • Better support developers as a team grows.
  • Temporarily increase the computing power of front-ends, in order to finish processing computation-intensive jobs.
  • Enhance the processing power of the database as an application portfolio grows in order to handle an increased load.

Vertical scalability on premises

If you have an on-premises installation of OutSystems, you can scale vertically as needed.

Vertical scalability in the OutSystems Cloud

For vertical scalability in the OutSystems Cloud, the following options are available: 

Front-End Servers

Class 1 (Default)

2 Virtual Cores 

4 GB of memory

Class 2

4 Virtual Cores 

7.5 GB of memory

Class 3

8 Virtual Cores 

15 GB of memory


Database Servers

Class 1

(Not used with OutSystems 11)(Default for OutSystems 10)

1 Virtual Core 

3.75 GB of memory 

Class 2
(Default for OutSystems 11)

2 Virtual Cores 

8 GB of memory 

Class 3

4 Virtual Cores 

16 GB of memory

Class 4

4 Virtual Cores 

30.5 GB of memory 

Class 5

8 Virtual Cores 

61 GB of memory

OutSystems may dynamically and temporarily reduce the hardware specs of underutilized servers.