Identity and access management

OutSystems offers full support for identity management, including user management, and groups.

Governance of applications is achieved by configuring groups and assigning them to end-users. Permission levels can be as granular as needed - at the application level, page level, or even down to particular elements within a page (buttons, view data, etc.).

Another common scenario in the enterprise is using an external user management system like Active Directory,  LDAP, or integrating with external identity providers (IdPs) such as AzureAD, Okta, and OneLogin. We support any external identity provider that supports SAML 2.0 authentication. Setting it up is a simple configuration step.

Setting up Active Directory:

Setting up LDAP:

Setting up Azure AD:


For flexibility and openness, it is possible to extend the built-in capabilities further or replace them completely with another application by taking advantage of the Users API.