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OutSystems automatically instruments all built applications, so that it's easy to monitor performance and take action before users notice the application is slow.

No other tools or configurations are needed. Once applications are deployed, they start producing a stream of performance metrics for analysis.

Performance dashboards

OutSystems has a rich performance monitoring dashboard that makes it easy to understand performance bottlenecks and take action. The goal is to help teams quickly and efficiently provide support to any issues that might arise.

This dashboard leverages the logging database of OutSystems and correlates information that's useful and easy to interpret, such as which database queries are affecting the performance of a specific screen. This eliminates the need for manual correlation steps and provides immediate insight.

The dashboard also automatically surfaces issues that teams did not see coming, such as slow screens or extensions. This reduces the time it takes to resolve them, so teams can focus on creating new applications, not troubleshooting them.

It's possible to explore how performance of the apps is affecting the end-user experience. Teams can drill down and see the performance of an application on the:

  • Client: where they can also check the most used operating systems and browsers.
  • Network: where they can check the most used network connections and data carriers.
  • Server: where they can check for slow database queries and slow integrations.

Analytics APIs

All the insight from the analytics capability of OutSystems is publicly exposed in a flexible, easy-to-use, REST API. The API allows the ability to access all registered events in real-time for seamless integration with other enterprise management solutions. It also enables you to register custom events.

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