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KRE8 IT is a boutique IT consulting practice in Melbourne, Australia.

When you would rather work directly with a small local team, without the typical management overhead costs, then KRE8 IT is the right choice.

KRE8 IT helps businesses solve complex problems that others find too hard or would take them too long. They do it by developing elegant software solutions, for web and mobile, that are a joy to use and are ready to go live in record time.


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  • Background Check Organisation Portal
    Background Check Organisation Portal
    • Other use cases
    • Business Services
    4 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2020

    Businesses can place orders for job applicant background checks, individually or in bulk, tailored to specific job positions. The progress status and outcome of each background check is reported in real-time, as well as access to view supporting documents and Police Check reports (when applicable). Privacy and access controls can be set for each user.

  • Background Check Applicant Portal
    Background Check Applicant Portal
    • Business Services
    • Other use cases
    3 Developers 3 Months Web Application 2020

    The Precise Background Applicant Portal enables job applicants to fill in all the information required to complete a Background Check tailored to the hiring organisation and position they are applying for. Features like address autocomplete, photo upload from mobile, Adobe Sign integration to sign pre-filled consent forms, deliver a great user experience.

  • Background Check Administration Portal
    Background Check Administration Portal
    • Business Services
    • Other use cases
    3 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2020

    The Admin Portal enables the configuration, tracking and processing of the complete lifecycle of applicant background checks from the initial order to the final report. It presents the relevant applicant information for each check, including uploaded documents and signed consent forms. Data was migrated and kept in sync with the legacy system at launch.

  • Next Payments - Concilio
    Next Payments - Concilio
    • Financial Services
    • Customer Apps
    2 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2019

    Concilio is a sophisticated cash reconciliation system offered by Next Payments to their business customers as a SaaS web application. The first version of Concilio was delivered by KRE8 IT who used it as an example of a properly architected application to train Next Payments’ internal developers, and continues to guide them in delivering new versions.

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