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    Digital Transformation Beyond RPA Whitepaper

    To move away from a siloed RPA-only approach, download the whitepaper - Evolution of the Digital Enterprise Beyond RPA: GCCs Unlocking Value with Hyper Intelligent Automation.

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    Cloud vs Cloud-Native: Understanding the Paradigm Shift

    The move to cloud-native is a paradigm shift that will change everything about the way organizations create, deploy, and leverage software assets at scale.

  • 5 Steps to a Successful Notes and Domino Application Migration
    5 Steps to a Successful Notes and Domino Application Migration

    Learn the 5 steps to successfully migrate your Notes and Domino applications into modern, web-based, cloud-ready apps your users will love.

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    Field Service App eBook for IT and Field Service Leaders

    To learn more about field service apps and how OutSystems can help, read the Field Services eBook.

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    Employee Onboarding: A Playbook for Success

    In this free eBook, we'll examine what a successful employee onboarding process looks like and the critical steps to follow when crafting an onboarding process.

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    Transform the Customer Experience with Seamless Onboarding

    Learn how to create a frictionless customer onboarding journey that will attract and retain customers from day one.

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    Creating Frictionless Customer Self-Service Experiences

    Digital customer self-service is a critical component of CX transformation. Learn how to innovate at speed and deliver frictionless customer experiences.

  • The Growing Threat of Technical Debt Report
    The Growing Threat of Technical Debt

    Technical debt costs businesses thousands of dollars a second, and even worse, it ties up resources that could have been invested in innovation.

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    Handling technical debt with OutSystems

    With TrueChange and Architecture Dashboard developers using OutSystems design apps with minimal technical debt to assure quick updates and easy maintenance.

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    Native Mobile vs. Progressive Web App: Developer Evaluation Guide

    In this evaluation guide, we present the pros and cons of PWAs, alongside how the OutSystems app development platform can help. By the end of this guide, you'll be ready to decide which route to take for your next mobile project.

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    Application Security Overview

    OutSystems is committed to continuous improvement of the security of the applications generated by our platform.

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    OutSystems Extensibility

    OutSystems is just this type of platform: open by design and extensible for every need in all application layers—front-end, back-end, database, and integration.