Banking Apps and Solutions

Use OutSystems to develop applications that engage your customers across all online channels. Deliver better service by enabling your employees with mobile apps that provide 360-degree customer views, security and risk control. Acquire new clients through social, web marketing and integrated CRM apps. Take advantage of credit scoring, illicit activities detection, bad loan recovery, and many other tools for core banking activities.
Banking Apps and Solutions References


Online Banking

Allow retail customers to manage their personal and/or business accounts anywhere, any time and on any device.

Mobile Banking

Extend core banking functions to any device to provide customized customer experiences.

Call Center

Provide customer service with the tools and information to solve customer issues quickly and effectively.

In-branch Apps

Tablet Portfolio Management

Financial advisors can interact with customers with a tablet app that offers a complete view of the customer portfolio.

Loan Proposals and Approval Workflow

Simplify the risk control and decision making for new loans.

360-degree Customer View

An aggregated view of all the customer’s information that enables better decision making and customer service.

Cyrille Vivier

Our expectations were not only achieved, but exceeded, in the first month of go-live. The end result was a giant leap in efficiency and a project that made everyone happy: IT, business users and clients.


Cyrille Vivier,  Oney - Services and Customer Dynamic Director

Customer Acquisition

Marketing Mobile Apps

Social and marketing mobile apps to engage customers with your brand (e.g. golf tournament app).

Affiliated Credit Portal

Portal for affiliated retailers to offer and manage consumer credit products held by creditor.

Customer Loyalty and CRM

Maintain and build your existing customer base by understanding all aspects of the customer’s buying habits.

Loans and Credit

Loan Recovery Workflow

Unify and expedite debt recovery process across multiple departments allowing for SLA compliance and control.

Loan Origination Management

Assess potential customer value and risk at the point of origination.

Business Credit Scoring

Scores based on information from customers, deposits and credit risk crossed with feeds from rating agencies.

Risk Management and Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Detect potentially illicit or suspicious activity through analytics including activity monitoring, watch-list filtering and more.

Impairment Calculation Process (IAS 39)

Integrated workflow approach for the impairment rate definition and calculation for customer analysis.

Internal Auditing Workflow

Monitor and manage auditing processes. Guide auditors and other parties through workflow ensuring SLAs and offering detailed progress reports.

Operations and Back-office

Business Monitoring Workflow

Manage Certificates of Deposit (CD) and Credit-linked Notes (CLN) from the point of negotiation to the note’s closure.

High-Risk Loan Operations Management

Manage non-disclosure agreements (NDA), hedges, transactions, and commitment letters associated to high risk-loans.

Cash Flow Management System

Record and match transactions on Nostro accounts. Support for manual recording or automatic processing of reconciliation files.

Interbank Money Transfers

Audit and control of inter-bank money transfers.

Interbanking CRM

Keep up-to-date information about partner banks (SWIFT agreements, money transfers, Nostro/Vostro accounts, etc).

ATM Information Management

Monitor and control the ATM support workflow including maintenance, repair requests and supply refills.

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