Rapid Application Delivery for Energy and Utilities

You can rapidly build web and mobile applications. You can customize customer portals that integrate with legacy systems to ensure high-quality, seamless energy operations and customer service. You can deploy, with one click, solutions that help you address energy industry challenges such as new and updated legislation and regulation, volatile market conditions, mergers and acquisitions and increased competition.
Energy Apps and Solutions References

OutSystems offers a rapid application delivery solution that enables your development and IT teams to:

Improve business processes

Quickly develop energy trading applications for strategic supply and storage planning to avoid shortage and overcapacity situations and make changes to them just as fast.

Track business in real-time

Implement responsive organization strategies or day-ahead and intraday time frames and mission-critical nomination processes in multiple markets.

Extend operations to the field

Rapidly deploy and easily maintain applications to meet the needs of field teams and cover mobile communications.


OutSystems helped us deliver an energy trading app that allows us to make better and faster trading decisions, often close to the deadline.”


Bart Pues,  Development Manager

Solutions for Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Utilities

Production and Monitoring

Automate sensor and field readings and speed response time to anomalies.

Customer self-service

OutSystems offers a pre-built customer portal app that allows energy customers to use mobile devices to connect with their energy suppliers.

See Customer Portal App

Balancing, Scheduling and Nomination

Help manage gas flow, minimize operational imbalances and avoid costs associated with penalties.

Balancing, Scheduling and Nomination
Read Case Study


Quickly respond to changing market or regulatory conditions while still retaining integration with vital legacy systems.

Read Case Study


OutSystems biggest value for us is the increase in productivity for our programmers. We can do things faster, and my developers can now focus on delivering applications and not programming in multiple languages.”


Hector Perdomo,  Director of Programming


Energy Events and Resources

Energy Webinar

Recorded Webinar!

From Field to the Back Office: Complete Digital Transformation for the Energy Industry

View this webinar to find out why USG&E and Engie and other energy companies choose OutSystems. You’ll see: How to build a mobile application visually in minutes; how easy continuous change can be with Integrated App Feedback; how simple and fast integration with existing back-office systems and data can be. Watch webinar recording

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