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Adopting OutSystems as our strategic development platform has allowed us to quickly transform into a digital enterprise and deliver new applications in an efficient manner.

Sameer Jaleel
Director, Platforms & Integration Solutions

Like most universities, you are probably challenged with meeting demand for applications, especially those designed for millennials who demand omnichannel access.

  • Build modern applications 6X faster

    Competition for students is increasing; quickly clear out your app backlog and accelerate time to market.

  • Integrate with existing systems (Ellucian, Oracle, Workday...)

    Connect to existing data and systems to quickly deliver applications with a modern user experience - student portals, onboarding, enrollment, electronic forms, learning management systems, and more.

  • Develop once and deploy across all devices

    Students expect digital interactions from their favorite devices; use existing resources to deliver apps that students, faculty and staff can access anywhere, anytime.

  • Leverage existing resources

    Existing resources, who already know your business, can ramp up within 2-3 weeks and start building powerful applications.

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Georgia Tech

Research Center Develops Lab Management Solution to Process 150,000 Reservations per Year

Georgia Tech

Rapid Application Development Platform to Better Serve Students, Faculty and Administrators

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How Georgia Tech’s IEN Delivers Apps 6x Faster - Recorded Webinar

How Georgia Tech Delivers Apps 6x Faster

Join OutSystems and Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) to hear about IEN’s transition from extensive hard coding to replacing and rebuilding a highly scalable lab management system that processes 150,000 reservations per year.


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