Retail and Consumer Goods Apps and Solutions

Add a competitive edge to your retail business with OutSystems. Enterprise mobile and web applications provide real-time visibility over inventory, both in-store and on eCommerce sites. Take better care of customers with CRM integration and tools that provide quality service, products and stores.
Retail apps and solutions references

eCommerce and Customer Service

Call Center Integration

Agents provided with immediate access to customer contact details and history. Control and monitoring over SLAs.

Secret Shopper

Evaluate the quality of service, products and shops.

Adaptive Call Center

Provides complete visibility into customer queries enabling a quick and efficient response.

After-sales Service

Workflow management of in-store and call center representatives' activities.


Optimized Logistics and Fulfillment

Guide shelving decisions with more precision, enabling employees to respond quickly to requests.

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Keep a record of the lifecycle of articles and employee actions.

White-label Product Management

Spans across the complete product development lifecycle: planning, suppliers RFPs, packaging, quality control and rollout.

Retail Solutions JM

The project was priceless for our organisation.
Without OutSystems it would have
been impossible to deliver it successfully!


António Pereira,  Jerónimo Martins - Consolidation Director

Finance and Human Resources

Indirect Procurement

Manage water, energy, and communications contracts including billing plans and invoicing.

Real Estate Management

Manage different aspects of all real estate assets including evaluation, licensing, contracts, and taxes.

People Management

A tool for performance evaluation, career management, compensation, benefits, training, and social responsibility.

Time and Attendance Management

Orchestrates and automates the process of managing time and attendance remotely in stores.

Worker’s Compensation

Manage workplace accidents for a better and safer working environment.

Information Technology

Identity Management

User self-registration, employee directory, approval workflow, security policies, IT asset management, auditing, and compliance.

Service Desk

Framework for serving enterprise-wide needs giving visibility and control over IT infrastructure and staff.

Employee Services

Call center application that allows agents to gather employee feedback to resolve company issues.

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