Build your Custom Sales Dashboards for All Devices

Sales dashboards allow members of your sales team to access real-time information about sales performance via their tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

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Examples of Sales Dashboards built with OutSystems:


Easily design and build your custom sales dashboard applications with OutSystems:

  • Deliver information to all devices: deliver fully customized sales dashboards across all devices including tablets, smartphones or desktops leveraging a write-once, deliver-everywhere responsive web design methodology. Users can access customized prospect data, territory analysis, lead management, pipeline, and forecasting information from any device.
  • Access and aggregate data in one single app: access, transform and display data from systems like, Siebel, SAP, and more. With OutSystems, your sales dashboards will provide users with customized single-app access to all pertinent backend systems.
  • Provide intelligent and actionable analytics: leverage data from anywhere and transform it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience that helps you make insightful business decisions and drill down to specifics.
  • Make changes rapidly: adapt quickly as needs change. As business strategies evolve, new dashboard reports, charts, and workflows can be rapidly iterated through and made available to users within hours.
  • Present an intuitive user experience: provide a unique combination of interactive navigation, visualization, and analytic features designed to engage and guide sales executives through data in an easy-to-use way.


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Do you need to build a Custom Sales Dashboard?


With OutSystems we have delivered custom applications that are giving us a significant competitive advantage.


Matthew BouchardSenior Manager at Charles River Laboratories


    Bacardi   Randstad  

            Warner Bros      Liberty Mutual

Hundreds of companies across 22 industries are using OutSystems to build their custom Sales Dashboards in record time.


Why should you consider OutSystems to build your Sales Dashboards?

The best applications for your business are the ones completely tuned to the unique needs of your users, company and industry. 
OutSystems makes easy what is difficult or impossible to do with traditional development methodologies - delighting your users with rich, deeply customized, easy-to-use applications quickly and efficiently. 

Taking a solution live is not the biggest challenge you will face - changing it is! 
Being able to respond within hours to unforeseen change is the number one reason our customers say they selected OutSystems.  

Our customers claim productivity improvements of four to six times. 
Organizations like the US Army, Liberty Insurance and FICO claim to be able to deliver and deploy new solutions in months versus years after going through an exhaustive analysis of alternatives. 


Accessing and aggregating data from all your systems is simple and fast. 
OutSystems makes it extremely easy to access and aggregate data from all your systems like, Siebel, SAP, and more. You can then use that data to provide your users with consolidated views of information and processes in a single application. 

Deliver information to all devices.
The number of devices you need to worry about now includes tablets, smartphones or desktops, with a myriad of different form factors and screen sizes. With OutSystems, you will be leveraging a write-once, deliver-everywhere responsive web design approach.

Control and eliminate the ever-expanding IT change backlog. 
Get ahead of the never-ending influx of user demands with a solution that allows you to be extremely fast and agile, frictionlessly iterating through change at a pace that allows you to get ahead, instead of being perpetually (and increasingly) behind. 

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