Get Out of Tech Debt and on with The Future

Tech debt is estimated to cost businesses $5 trillion in the next 10 years. But tech debt can be managed.

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Combat Tech Debt in 4 Core Areas

System Modernization

Legacy systems that don’t perform like they once did and that are difficult to update and maintain are preventing business growth. Modernize these systems with technology built for change without facing tech debt in the future.

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Workplace Innovation

Trying to update unintuitive systems, digitize paper-based processes, and package them up in a single application can really rack up the technical debt. Make it easier for devs to build and update a unified employee experience to keep your staff engaged and attract new talent without going into tech debt.

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Process Automation

Rigid processes built around siloed departments are not conducive to creating and adding to applications that people in the field can use to serve customers effectively. Set your devs up for this constantly changing landscape with a platform for building flexible workflows efficiently.

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Customer Experience

To offer a truly differentiated customer experience, your apps need to be loaded with features at every touchpoint. Instead of expecting devs to unscramble years of complex code to add chatbots and AI, give them what they need to build fast and modify faster.

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Customers Triumphing Over Tech Debt


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Customer Story

Mazda Powers Legacy Migration with OutSystems to Save Millions

Mazda had 500 legacy systems to migrate at an anticipated redevelopment cost of $97M. Now working 4x faster with OutSystems Mazda expects to save millions.

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Technical Debt

Join OutSystems experts, partners, and customers in a series of webinars to learn how to prevent, reduce, and manage technical debt within your organization.


Reduce the Cost of Technical Debt

Tech debt is estimated to cost $5 trillion in the next 10 years. We surveyed hundreds of enterprises to discover:

What contributes most to technical debt

What percentage of budget is spent tackling the issue

How to “pay off” your debt

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