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Tech Talks
Into the Wild – When Going Offline IS the Only Option
How do you develop an application that can be used in inhospitable places? Where being offline for hours or even days is the norm? How did Outfit use creative solutions to deliver an app that functions perfectly under the harshest conditions.
High Volumes of Data and No Bandwidth: How to Overcome a Major Challenge
Mexican shipping contractor Estafeta used OutSystems to build an enterprise solution for 500+ users in 450+ locations that exchanges real-time information with SAP and Track and Trace systems. Learn how you can do it, too.
Architecting for High Volume
The challenge: centralize payment information in a single app, improve the current process, add 150+ business validations per payment, deliver real-time visibility and reporting, and process all information in just a few minutes. Learn how we did it.
Serverless APIs: A Real Case at LGSS
Learn how to use serverless technology to secure and scale your APIs. Join legacy systems as if they're brand new and take your Outsystems applications to a new level.
Building Enterprise Mobile Apps for Millions of Users
Building apps for millions of consumers is no mean feat. But what about two? Hear how Noesis overcame the challenges of building one app for a retail loyalty card and another for leased vehicle drivers—and the lessons learned.
Performance Problems: Solving Them With Elasticsearch
For a CoolProfs customer, searching multiple tables for an article with several business rules was taking too long (3+ seconds). See how applying Elasticsearch resulted in a much better outcome—nearly 100 ms.
Integrate Everything: An OutSystems Digital Experiment
We will go through a year-long journey of Integration demands. From the challenges that the team was facing, to the definition of a strategy to address them and the implementation in Low Code, Extendable, Distributed, Scalable Integration Platform.
Optimizing Your Mobile App for a 4.7 Store Rating
CZ, the third largest health insurer in the Netherlands, had a challenge: Migrate a consumer app with a 4.7 rating and 3+ million users to OutSystems. Hear how OutSystems turned CZ into believers and took the app further than they thought possible.
Taking Application Monitoring to the Next Level
Monitoring alerts you to problems and helps you find their root cause so your applications run better. See how ATC used the monitoring capabilities in OutSystems to improve their operations and application performance to serve their users better.
Its All About Moving and Protecting Data: A Coolprofs Framework
Moving data between environments and protecting it are both challenging propositions. Learn about a CoolProfs frameworks address privacy by design, application compliance, parallel imports, light BPT, and more.
Wodify Design System: Extending OutSystems UI Components to New Limits
When the Wodify team realized they could build a custom-made UI library integrated with OutSystems, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Hear the full story of Wodify Design System, the end result.
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Excelente visão sobre a OutSystems!

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