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Tech Talks
Offline Data Sync: Best Practices
Developing for mobile devices means thinking about online and offline - and the data in-between. See how you can ensure seamless data synchronization by following some best practices.
Mobile Apps: Going Live!
Imagine this. Millions of users with your idea in their hands, running in all sorts of devices. In this session, we talk about the top concerns you should have when your app goes live! It's the journey we've taken with our customers.
Developing Mobile Apps
When you have an idea for the perfect mobile app, lack of experience should not hold you back. Learn how to build mobile apps fast with OutSystems.
Creating and Using OutSystems Plugins
When mobile apps make good use of device features, users are delighted. Learn how to master plugins with OutSystems and improve your app’s user experience.
Troubleshooting Your Mobile Apps
After developing a mobile app, it’s disappointing when it doesn’t perform as expected. Learn how to troubleshoot common app errors and network issues - and get that app up and running the way it should.
Multiple Languages and Mobile Apps
People around the world use mobile apps. Changing them so they’re in local languages is a challenge. In this session, we cover techniques and technology in OutSystems that address not just translation but also orientation.
Build Unforgettable Apps With Animation
Mobile is all about design, interaction and experience. Small animations can boost the applications look and feel. Master them to improve your apps.
Step Up Your Game With Native Plugins
Nothing speeds up app adoption like a familiar and fast user experience. Learn how to create plugins that can use the full potential of native mobile capabilities and integrate them easily with OutSystems.
Debug Your Mobile Apps
You’ve built an app with OutSystems. You’re testing the logic. It’s running on your iPhone. You’re debugging the visual model on a PC. No, this isn’t dream — it’s a session about the OutSystems visual debugger. Learn all about it.
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