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Tech Talks
[Tech Talks 2020] Converting Existing Portfolio to Reactive
If you are ready to take the plunge to create reactive apps but still need to convert traditional apps to reactive, this session gives the tips and tricks on how to do it, and things to avoid.
[NextStep 2020 supplemental] Multi-Language Best Practices
The OutSystems Platform fully supports multi-language capabilities. See how experts use the multi-language best practices with OutSystems.
[NextStep 2020 supplemental] Integration of SQL Loader in OutSystems
Learn how to use SQL Loader or other bulk utilities to load large amount of data in the database, hassle-free.
[ODC 2018] Heavy Timers
Stories about processing increasingly higher data volumes can be tragic. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that can end in tragedy in this session. We’ll use a case study on long-running asynchronous processes (“heavy” timers) to demonstrate.
[ODC 2018] Extending Applications With .NET
Whether you’re a hardcore .NET coder or a GitHub copy-and-paster, with OutSystems, you have no limits. Discover how easy it is to use your .NET skills to extend your applications beyond the ordinary.
[ODC 2018] Introduction to Business Process Technology
Business Process Technology (BPT) is a powerful OutSystem feature, automating the operation of thousands of machines in the public cloud. Learn more about BPT, its best practices, and some cool tricks you can use.
[ODC 2018] Consuming and Exposing RESTful Web Services
In this session, we demonstrate how OutSystems makes it easy to consume and expose RESTful web services. And, we share standards and practices for ensuring robust software that makes the best use of these services.
[ODC 2018] Best Practices for OutSystems Development
Good applications are fast, easy to use, and easy to maintain. In this session, we share the OutSystems best practices and conventions that streamline the development of good apps.
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