Modeling Data Relationships
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This course will enable you to create complex data models in OutSystems. With this introductory course you will be able to know how to create relationships between entities to better represent the business concepts.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to create 1-to-Many, 1-to-1 and Many-to-Many relationships between Database Entities and Static Entities. Demos on how to create these relationships are also included!

What do you need?

You will need the OutSystems Development environment tools available for Windows and macOS.

System requirements can be reviewed here. You will also need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment).

Before you start...

We recommend that you first take the following course:

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very good lesson
create information
24 Nov (2 days ago)
Content good
23 Nov (3 days ago)
Useful background on DB.  The audio and text is a little off sometimes.
18 Nov (8 days ago)
really good explanation. was able to understand at 1st time.
17 Nov (9 days ago)
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