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Project Iterations

Learn all about the OutSystems project development in iterations. The three moments in an iteration (Shape, Build, and Accept), the user stories, and how it all works together in order to deliver an OutSystems project in an Agile way.

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Project Iterations Overview
Building in an Iteration
Accept an Iteration
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Anupam Jaddu
Tech Lead
1) The monotone narration style posed quite a challenge to staying focused and alert on one of the longer lessons.  I attribute this to the beta status of the lesson, so hopefully this can be improved upon.

2) A few more slides may need to be added to go with the amount of content that was narrated.

J Miguel Garcia
Robot like voice over it's awful and distracting.
Poor sound quality

Great course!

Benjith Sam
Senior Consultant
Good content and nice explanation :)

Martin Stanik
the machine voice is just really annoying to listen to

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