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Project Initiation

Starting a project is not always easy… As you discover more details things can get messy so, it is important to detail as much as possible all the feature and requirements. This course covers the project initiation and the first steps to start building your backlog.

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Rishabh Chaturvedi
Business Analyst
Good Content
10 Jan (2 weeks ago)

Ivan Leitão
Cristal clear
4 Jan (3 weeks ago)

Swarnava Chattopadhyay
Digital Delivery Lead
Good one. Some Hands on could be designed with some sort video of user interviews from what respective steps could be derived. This would help to relate more easily.
1 Jan (4 weeks ago)

Lyle Martin
Solution Architect
Excellent course and perspective on agile. Going to have to share this course with some colleagues!

Bruno Paixão
Engagement Manager
Do not appreciate the computerized voice... it's just too weird me. I rather listen to human speech.

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