Getting Started with OutSystems

This course will help you get started with OutSystems. It provides an overview of the Outsystems Platform, help you get you're development environment set up, and then provides an introduction to the Service Studio development environment.

What will you learn?

The key components and capabilities of the OutSystems Platform. You will also learn how to download and set up the Outystems Development Environment as well as learning the layout of the Service Studio development environment and the features that help us create, build, and run our applications!

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher. We will discuss getting access to a Personal Environment as part of the course.

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Well explanatory, easy to follow and great animation content
12 Apr (7 days ago)
I have course completion on basic overview, but this is advanced and many thanks for this course.
12 Apr (7 days ago)
I have course completion on basic overview of OutSystems, but this is advanced. Thanks for the advanced concepts.
12 Apr (7 days ago)
The course is excellent however on the registration step when we create our free account we can't change the environment name, maybe this information could be updated in the future.
10 Apr (9 days ago)
5 Apr (14 days ago)
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