Getting Started with OutSystems for .NET Developers

This course will introduce the OutSystems Platform to .NET Developers. It will provide that introduction by relating things in the OutSystems Platform to similiar tools and capabilities in the .NET Platform.

What will you learn?

You will learn about the available types of projects and templates in each of the Platforms and how they affect the programming model and artifacts that get created. It will also cover how to manage dependencies so we can reference other packages and components as we build, run, and debug applications.

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher. It may be helpful to have a Personal Environment so you can test out capabilities of Service Studio as we go through the course.

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OutSystems is in no way affiliated with Microsoft and any reference to .NET or other Microsoft Trademarks are for information purposes only.

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Great and The Best
6 Oct (3 weeks ago)
so far this tutorial has not recommended any small projects/exercises for .net developer to practice outsystems
22 Sep
This course nicely compares .NET with outsystems, just as promised.
But the depth of the material is too shallow for experienced .NET programmers and could better be sped up by not talking about the .NET specifics so much. Comparing the concepts is great, but showing how it is done in Visual Studio takes too much time and risks alienating the listener by making false or oversimplified statements about the subject they are experienced in.
10 Sep
Too much for high-level overview, this lesson tries to introduce too many new concepts all at once.
29 Aug
these are  great tutorial videos
24 Aug
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