Pagination and Sorting
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This course will get you introduced to Pagination and Sorting of Tables and Lists in OutSystems. With this introductory course you will be able to extend an existing list screen with pagination and sorting.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to add pagination either to a Table or a List, as well as adding Sorting to those. This demo-oriented course will show you exactly that: pagination and sorting in tables and lists!

What do you need?

You will need the OutSystems Development environment tools available for Windows and macOS.

System requirements can be reviewed here. You will also need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment).

Before you start...

We recommend that you first take the following course:

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This course is a very nice.
19 Mar (6 days ago)
Buen excelente curso
16 Mar (9 days ago)
Good course
16 Mar (9 days ago)
need to clean up speaker's pronunciation. Record (as in write done) vs. Record as in an entry within a database table are not pronounces the same. (assuming computer voice) the speaker does not differentiate.
15 Mar (10 days ago)
I suppose this is a criticism of the implementation rather than the course.  Adding 'Desc' to the sort query?  I think even Winforms did better than that!
14 Mar (11 days ago)
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