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Design for OutSystems

Learn the OutSystems methodology and best practices on how to approach the design of a new application. Not only in creating the right UI and the tools available to do it, but also, how can you understand the needs of your users, before you start designing screens.

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Design for OutSystems
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Tobias Schwarz
Thanks for the excellent and comprehensiv presentation for download!

Great content but sound quality is not great making it difficult to follow at times

Daniel Denardi
It was informative about UX/UI design with and without Outsystems. However, it was a little distracting the way the tutor handle the course, I imagine because it is a part of a course not given remotely. Many times the lecturer was away from sight and the audio was low and hard to follow.

Goncalo Panarra
It was useful because I am learning UX design.

Latorree Howard
Useful information and context, but the audio quality was lacking and it would have been helpful to have access to the video link that didn't play during the presentation

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