Testing OutSystems applications

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Better with a live instructor.  Nice to have the materials as many of the classes didn't have the materials available.  This was repetitive with material in previous classes for this learning path.  Would be nice to get into how you actually test, so far, everything has been theory so trying to figure out how you can actually test in Outsystems.
27 Jul
It is very theoretical. I would love to see some follow-up videos that go into a practical detail with perhaps one or two (external) tools that are testing common scenarios.
4 Feb
As Leapwork specialist I like the approach for explaining the UI way of thinking. The video was a bit long, so I skipped parts of it. If you are new, It might be to much in one video. No time to check if you master the knowledge.
5 Jan
Very theoretical video and really frustrating to follow for the restless mind. Reminds me when I started my IT studies 20 years ago. There were courses that I didn't understand anything of.

This video and the whole Tester Guided Path desperately needs quizzes, exercises and examples. This is just too boring to follow when it is as it is now. Topic is very important and interesting however.
It was a bit hard to understand on the UI Automation part mostly because I am more aware of the BDD test tool rather than the other tools. Maybe, or if it already exist there should be a separate course for UI only as that is the most complex in all testing base on this course.
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